Claxi — Co-financed Grants for Commercialization of Innovations by the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development

Claxi was selected with the project for ride sharing model for Co-financed Grants for Commercialization of Innovations by the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development, North Macedonia.

This project now includes a ride sharing module on the application for the taxi industry. The unique bidding concept on the Claxi app, now will be upgraded to level 2, with a modern taxi polling solution which can help passengers get cheaper rides, and drivers to earn up to 3 time more than by driving with this option.

The project is also Eco-based, because it will be developed in order to optimize the utilization of the taxi industry, to minimize the number of empty seats in the taxi rides, and with that to lower the gas emission in general.

All of these aspects were recognized by the Macedonian Fund for Innovations and Technology Development, and with its support and funds Claxi will build its commercialization strategy, and have the opportunity to penetrate the African market.